Quban - a binary newsgrabber for Linux and OS/2


Quban 0.7.5 released : August 1st, 2015

This is version 0.7.5 of quban, adding a number of bug fixes and greater stability within the application. To see what's included, see the release notes.

This is a source code only release: no packages. The download file is available from here

What it is:

Quban is a Qt4 program, originally forked from klibido, to download articles from the usenet news service. It supports multiple servers, multiple download threads per server, automatic joining and decoding of articles. There is also the option to automatically unpack compressed files and repair them if required.

Quban can download files listed within an nzb file or using details from a group's headers that you've downloaded previously.

What's included:

  • Automatic unpack/repair for par2, rar, zip and 7z files (configurable for other types).
  • built in ssl support
  • .nzb support
  • Advanced filtering of newsgroup articles
  • Grouping of related articles
  • Compressed header file download
  • Multiple servers fully supported
  • Subscription to newsgroups
  • Application scheduler and Traffic Management to restrict download speed
  • Subscribed Newsgroup categories and aliases
  • File viewer for image and text files
  • Drag and drop for nzb file downloads
  • A wizard to simplify configuration
  • Server types, priorities and load balancing
  • Sorting and filtering newsgroup headers by subject, state or "completeness"
  • Download queue management
  • Server download limits
  • Automatic requeueing of failed articles on another server
  • Can generate a diagnostics report to assist problem detection

How does it do it:

Quban uses Qt4 libraries for the interface, Berkeley DB for storing the newsgroups' headers, and a set of internal decoders for decoding the posts.

Quban's image viewer:

Quban's image viewer

An example of the 'View article' option for downloaded files


  • Alessandro "Bauno" Bonometti for the work he put into developing Klibido 0.2.5, from which Quban was forked.
  • Sourceforge for hosting this project
  • Sleepycat (and Oracle) for Berkeley Db
  • The guys at Qt for the great IDE they've made.
  • David Pye (.nzb parsing, yy/uu decoder)
  • KNode and Pan developers for their icons


Quban is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.

© 2011-2015 Martin Demet. All rights reserved.